Dear Taylor,

OMG!!! I just wrote those words and I am suddenly having the best laugh of my life like throwing those eggs at my uncle’s car only to have him threaten me with more violence and what is up with that rusty nail anyway? What is it about Michael, my mother’s brother, that… I remember him being an actual uncle when I was little and now I understand why clowns are scary because I can’t imagine him being an uncle at all. Seriously the way this letter began — and OMG as soon as I stopped totally cracking up hilariously at the most unexpectedly impossible time at the thought of writing Dear Taylor I forgot I was writing to you — I wrote, Dear Taylor, before I say anything else…’ and immediately started hysterically laughing. I feel like my ‘blood sugar’ is so much better now just by writing to you but I’m so scared. If I had known I was being controlled by a car I would have gotten out of this a long time ago so why didn’t I sooner? But would I have been able to meet you sooner if I made different decisions? OMG I just started laughing again because I originally wrote at the end of the last sentence ‘and does that matter’? Is it even possible to have a conversation between us about what exactly is karmically going on? I keep feeling you like you are slipping through a mirror into my world but I laugh again because why are you so far away and yet also so close I can feel you slipping through a mirror and into a place where all the colour comes back into my world. I don’t know what this means but I keep feeling like Rebecca is so much a key to the puzzle but how do I even deal with that day in Salem? I don’t know what the first word could be to Rebebba to convey anything but I feel like the difficulty I have figuring out how to say a word directly to you is an exact parralel of the difficulty I have figuring out how to say a word to Rebecca. The difficulty I have sharing space with you *giggle* is so similar and maybe even identical to the difficulty I have sharing space with Rebecca. Oh, by the way, what I was *going* to say before I started cracking up and getting my life energy back (I NEED to IUST speach Spanish where knife doesn’t rhyme with life!!!) is thank you sooooooo much for mentioning a Vegas acrobat in that song because OMG my uncle watchs baseball al the time and of COURSE that is what is happening, he lived at Copper Ridge something or other in Las Vegas, Nevada, the sharpest state, right across the street from Mountains, and had an email address from cox.net! So he lives across the street from an Arco gas station so I won’t have resources to drive one day and has dreams of sending me to the burning pit of hell poinding it all in with a BAT? So OMG has a word ever saved my life more than the word acrobat did for me because otherwise I would not have survived. Things are hard enough as it is without seeing that gas station around everywhere but then hearing karma and Las Vegas acrobat saved me.


Ps — I just started laughing again… damn, that scared me, people stepping REALLY LOUD over beer bottles RIGHT next to my car in a way that sort if shook off a lot of fear. It’s not scary when I am writing to you. These beer bottles appeared after I parked here and sorry tjis loud nouse interrupted my original PS but I was going to say after I finished writing this I started laughing hysterically because I wrote the title ‘Bendability’!

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