Untie it


I am walking around the movie theatre trying to figure out whether to buy expensive WATER at the movie theatre or drink out of the faucet in the bathroom or find somewhere else to get water whoch would require driving again. As I am looking someone cones up to me like, excuse me, do you work here, do I get my tickets here or there or something or other but I didn’t catch the exact words because I was confused. I said it is ky furst time here and she ACTED sooooo apologetic for thinking I worked here. I said, I do this stuff all the time because she KEPT apologizing like I am sooo sorry and I did not for a moment think she was acting or making fun of me, one or the other, or both… but then I looked down at my shirt and I see little food stains like this on a ridiculously blue shirt in a place where everyone who works here seems to be wearing black. No way she thought I worked gere so whaaa and whoa I took time away from getting water to write this to you and I want out of this knot.



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