When I wake up…

Ah, I am back from a few hours out in town and I am pretty tired and looking forward to relaxing this evening. My legs didn’t even bother me until just now when I jumped into bed. I was right by the massage place, too, but I decided not to get a leg massage today because it might be better to wait a couple days for my legs to recover from whatever I ended up putting them through when I tried to give them a deep tissue massage. I woke up today, cooked up a couple of soy burgers for lunch, and did a bit of cleaning and straightening up, and then I drove down to Centro Ensenada.

Today I discovered that Mexicans are not perfect though that is a rather difficult insight to take in: I started noticing actual Mexicans going through stop signs when it wasn’t their turn, people honking and getting frustrated with each other on the road. I saw one driver take a left turn and I didn’t notice that he had done anything unusual but I guess he turned left when there was oncoming traffic and this other driver just stared him down in that typical Mexican way. I want to make a YouTube video of Mexican facial expressions when they are angry at other drivers and set it to music, that would be pretty hilarious. Anyway, it’s good to know that when I make a mistake on the road it’s not like the first time that has happened in Ensenada since 1999… but really as far as driving here I am starting to feel pretty much like a local.

I parked again by the cultural center, walked around, got some ‘efectivo’ out of the bank, and ended up drinking waaay too much. Boba that is. And then some. I asked if I could choose two flavours and I meant in the same cup but she misunderstood me and ended up taking out two cups. I realized this before she actually made them but I always feel like I am never quite satisfied after just one boba tea no matter how big it is so I did not protest, I let her make them, one strawberry and one blueberry, and they were really yummy. Later in the day, just as I was getting back to the cabaña, I went to the café that’s just down the street for the first time, and it’s really good. It looks like a nice place to sit in, too, but I just ordered an applie chai to go and it was really delicious.

In Centro Ensenada I end up hearing a lot of songs in English. I know ‘baby’ is a pretty common word to find in songs but I am not sure exactly how common because I have not really paid attention and I have been hearing it all over the place today. The first song I heard and stopped to listen to was Can’t Take My Eyes Off You but I couldn’t tell what version it was and then I thought I heard the word ‘baby’ again but when I listened more closely the song turned out to be in Spanish. Then I stopped and listened outside another shop to 500 Miles (which I often think is Safety Dance when it starts playing even though the intros are actually quite different). In the Boba shop I heard Scared to Be Lonely and Poker Face.

I did more shouting ‘NO NO NO NO NO!’ in the ocean today and it’s amazing how helpful it is to do that even for a little while! Now, with some friends who want to hang out at the beach all day, I could do that off and on all day, and it would be really great! I could actually see the colours around me getting brighter as I claimed my boundaries from my heart. 500 Miles might have subconsciously clued me into exactly the kinds of boundaries I need to claim. I forget that I need to do things like this mostly because it has been such a long time since I have had any space for it but the ocean is a perfect space and nobody’s going to bother me at all! I probably stayed for about an hour or so but I think something was kind of on my mind and I didn’t feel like staying too long. On the way back from the beach I heard more English language songs than usual: When You Were Mine, followed by Psycho Killer morphing into Blue Monday, and then Glycerine.

I guess there is not much cohesion holding this entry together but I just wanted to write a little bit about what I did today. Tonight I feel like I want to relax and I don’t quite know what that means but I will relax and open to what wants to happen. I want to open to any intuition that might want to arise because I feel like some exciting intuition about something or other is around the corner. I might finally get into Charlie y la Fábrica de Chocolate, listen to some music en español. Listen to some albums I love, maybe finally start reading old journals. I feel like any day now I will be ready to read some old journals and I don’t know if tonight is the night but it is getting very close indeed and the more I shout and move energy in the ocean the more ready for it I feel…

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