A Little Lighter

Well today my mood is alittle bit lighter although i still feel like bawling my eyes out, tomorrow is a long day i work 7:45am til 10:30am at the daycare and 11am til 5pm at my fast food job still can’t get my other information i need to do my taxes from my daycare job the lady that does her payroll and her tax information told her basically that "since we can’t send anything out til the end of Jan i’m not going to do them quite yet" when i heard that i was like "WHAT?" according to my tax preparer she said that we could get the information ready to go and when it was ok to send it out that mine would be in the FIRST batch to go out so i should get mine back sooner. I’ve decided to stop into our local YMCA and talk to the director about the sponsership memberships and see how much that will cost me i’ve been wanting to go and work out again,plus since i can’t really get the boys much for their birthdays or christmas i try to make up for it when i get my taxes and get them a big but not too big item. My oldest son who is 22 yrs old wants an X-box 360 this year and i told him that he probably wouldn’t get that this year because last year i got him his PS3 that he had WANTED SOOO BAD. The little boys are easier i want to get them a 3 DS i think it is different colors for each of them so they KNOW which is which i might hold that back for their birthdays haven’t decided. As soon as i get it back i need to make an appointment at the vet for my cat Midnight probably get his glucose checked and i hope that he isn’t diabetic my old cat was, actually the cat was my Ex’s but the cat lived with me he was suppose to help provide the insulin that the cat needed well eventually it got to the point where he couldn’t afford it and i couldn’t afford it it was over $100 dollars and the needles were i think $30 dollars i think anyways if it turns out that Midnight is diabetic i am going to really consider putting him down because i think it would be more humane especially since i won’t be able to afford the insulin 🙁 so i’m really hoping he won’t be. Well it seems like OD isn’t like it use to be when i first started i had many people i read and who read me and we got to be friends if you will i know many people find it hard to believe you can be friends with people you have never met but you can. Well i’m going to close this for now i’m sure i will have more to write tomorrow.. take care all and have a GREAT NIGHT













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