I’m so upset my friend that I’ve known over 30 yrs and I got into an argument we were suppose to be in the Oktemberfest Parade she owns a store and I couldn’t find any kids to pass out candy and every suggestion I made she said no too, I suggested my friend S who is in a wheelchair¬† and she said no that she wasn’t going to have some push her in her wheelchair for 3 miles and of course I pop off with sounds like it is because she is in a wheelchair¬† that you don’t think she can do it or something she was like REALLY Angie I apologized to her because she really isn’t like that but she never takes my suggestions it’s always her son,her husband,her daughter , Corrine and Raygan Corrines daughters suggestions over mine what can I say I guess I’m the stupid friend. It hurts not having anyone to talk to about what goes on with me. Ok well I have whined enough¬† have a good night.

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