Feels like a Whirl Wind

My oldest son is going to be turning 22 next month and i’m saving up to go see him he lives 3 hours away from me, then after that it’s the anniversary of my mom’s death in november and sammy’s 6th birthday he started kindergarden this year and absolutlely loves it although he keeps telling me when he gets to y and z he doesn’t have to go back to school and i asked him if he likes school and he says he does. I’m working 2 jobs still and it will be 2 yrs in november since  i started working at the other job and my main job i’ve been there 11 yrs wow it doesn’t seem like that long. I’m also the BEAR leader for my son’s troop which will be starting up again real soon. I’ve been divorced a year and it kills me to look back at my earlier entrys and see were "HE" posted little love notes to me 🙁 i’m having a harder time with this then i thought i just keep pushing back the emotions i’ve changed so much from the person i once was now i find it hard to trust men at all anytime i talk to a man i feel like he is lying which i know isn’t the case ANYWHO time to get off here and get started on the laundry it will probably take me all day because i cut my finger pretty bad 2 days ago 3 days now i guess and i’m not suppose to get it wet so i’m doing laundry 1 handed and doing dishes one handed. I hope to be back again soon. take care all. 













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RYN: Thank you for sharing your story with me. 🙂