Going to Try

Well i’m going to try to start writing things down from now on to help me remember things as do to stress or whatever i have difficulty remembering stuff. Well it’s been a very trying year last year on Thanksgiving my Mom passed away, then i lost my 3 legged cat Doug this October i came home from lunch one day and found that he had found a nice quiet spot to just go to sleep in the black cat was not far away he had been down their when doug passed. then the next day i found out that my Dad had passed away in his sleep i was getting ready to go to work and i got the call from his step daughter Julie. Earlier last year my divorce was finalized on the 18th of July this year it was 1 yr since the divorce. I still don’t understand that because according to his cousins,mom and other people he did love me that he was happy i would seriously like to know what happened then. NOW he is getting married to some girl from Columbia she doesn’t speak english and they met online just like he and i did she is in the process of getting her green card and then will be coming to the United States and once here she and he will be married 🙁 …. Now on to other things my oldest son Brian is 22 yrs old now my middle son Zac is 8 yrs old and the youngest Sam will be 6 yrs old the other day Sammy said something funny he was getting into trouble for something when all of a sudden he said "My Imaginary friend did it"  it took EVERYTHING and i do mean EVERYTHING to keep a straight face. I’m still working 2 jobs and sometimes i don’t know whether i’m coming or going and my friend well lets just say i sometimes feel like my friendship of 20+ years is just onesided but who knows all i know is i don’t have the energy or the strength to care right now most days i feel like bawling my eyes out. tonight being one of them. My sister called to tell me about these pictures she found in our mom’s table come to find out they were pictures from Zac’s 1st Birthday Party but towards the end of the pictures there is a picture of her eyes,nose maybe an ear or something because she had gone to try and put her camera in her purse and it went off taking her picture lol when my sister told me that i just had to laugh and i cried at the same time. Well i’ve rattled on long enough i better close for now everyone have a good night. 













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