Happy Birthday Zac

My Dearest Zachary i can’t believe your 8 yrs old already it seems like just yesterday that you were born. I remember the day we came home from the hospital like it WAS yesterday. REALLY pee’ing on your momma like that lol. Ok well besides those RARE incidents of GOLDEN SHOWERS lol it was GREAT i love being your mom even when you get into one of your moods. I really hope i can make TODAY a memorable day for u we will do something special today whatever you want within reason lol i know how you think. Happy  8th Birthday Zac you were my GREATEST GIFT even though others aren’t suppose to get gifts on your birthday you were my special present. I’m so glad your my son.

Love Momma












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June 15, 2012


September 16, 2012

thanks for the birthday wishes for my son sorry it took so long to respond