Not a Good Day

well today hasn’t been a good day i went to work at my daycare job and i went to drag the mop bucket into the living room and ended up dumping it on the living room floor i instantly burst into tears so then i go to my other job and i was suppose to work 11am-5pm and i get there and look at the map and realize she has me there but not there they have an extra person so i asked if i could go home as i felt like crap i think i have sinis itis so i got to go home and on the way to pick up my son from daycare i called the doc and got a 2:30pm appt… which when i got there at 2pm i waited almost 1 hour and i told them i had to pick up my son at 3:30pm from the sitters. So i couldn’t wait because i would have been waiting til almost 3:15pm probably would have been done by 3:45pm or 4pm at the latest. I’m just in a really bad mood wish i could get out of it well i better go my dog is barking and wants inside and i have to clean up a mess from the kids a mothers work is never done… Night All 













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