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Well i guess i have been writing so long on OD that i haven’t got any titles left for my entrys. Half the time i don’t know what to write anymore my mom died in November it’s been 2 mos now, we use to go out to eat where i worked at and i was wiping down tables the other day and i remember sitting at that table with my mom. I just miss her so damn much i feel like a failure as a daughter i should have been a better daughter to her. I’ve been working 2 jobs for the past YEAR and i’m so burnt out it’s not even funny since my divorce has been finalized i can’t even think about another relationship, i try to and then it’s like i get scared there is so much bad stuff that can  happen i’m scared to take chances. So i guess all i will do is dream, dream about finding my PRINCE CHARMING. Talked to my oldest son today and he totally stresses me out things aren’t going well with him right now. I have to work 8-5 tomorrow cleaning house it’s suppose to be at a daycare but all i do is clean i understand cleaning the rooms the daycare uses but shouldn’t they be responsible for their private quarters? Ok well enough bitching i’m kind of in a bad mood right now so i will just get off now and get the kids ready for bed. NIGHT ALL!













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