Week 1 PHP

Journal entry 9/6/2021
My first week of school has been challenging.. this new job  flew me to Kansas city.. and there has been issues with wifi since I got to the hotel.. Jetlagged & sleep deprived.. grumpy is an understatement

The plan was to do my studies after work..  however jetlag & the lame hotel wifi.  Have me crawling for energy & wifi.. I return to California tomorrow afternoon and I will be able to get on track..

Sorry I was hoping to make a journal link from my web page . But it is not happening .. SO I am on open diary .com

WHAT I LEARNED this week.. was.. PHP is white space insensitive… I can space it out as i need it.. need to remember to use echo for those lines.

I plan to quit this lame job since it was a huge disaster.. they didn’t care I wasn’t able to get my studies done.. despite being hired and claiming they encourage my education goals.

Blah.. moat frustrating weekend ever..

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