The End

So, it has really happened. We are over. I’m devastated and relieved all at the same time. I love him…that feeling doesn’t go straight away.

He finally came over with my stuff. I let him know that by hanging onto it he’d be giving me an excuse to contact him, and i wanted to do the right thing. For him and me.

He came in with my stuff. He looked uncomfortable. I told him i accepted the situation. He can’t give me what i need or deserve. But that i didn’t want there to be any animosity. We will see each other en route to school and back. I don’t want the kids to suffer. My daughter is upset. She cried, a lot, this evening. I’ve reassured her his daughter will still be able to be her friend. We’re adults and he is a decent person. He’d never take his own feelings out on his girl.

I said i wanted a hug. He asked if i was sure. I said no…we shouldn’t…we know what happens when we touch; feelings.

He left under a cloud of what could have been.

I love him, but…you bloody mother fucking asshole.

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