Today is tomorrow’s yesterday


Pic above is old and perhaps has been posted before.   In a way it’s picture of me and I will leave it there.   I like books and book shelves and long leggy geraniums that have lived with me forever.


Today was warm.   I was outside a little bit but not too much.  Maybe tomorrow will be warm too and I will be outside more.  Predicting the future is an uncertain game.  I am not good at it.


Tomorrow is Tuesday.  Not a special day at all.  What will I do?  What can I do?

Make a list.


  1. Order $50 worth of daylilies from my favorite plant vendor.   Call them up and say, ‘Please sent me $50’s worth of daylilies.   Just pick them out yourselves.  Send me ones you have a lot of.  They are probably the ones that will grow best for me too.’  Dare me to do that?
  2. Set my bedroom alarm-ish clock to daylight time.  I’ve been intended to do that for…. well ever since the time changed.
  3. Work on Thursday’s weekly grocery list.   I make it on the back of an envelope and I divide it into categories – produce, groceries, meat, dairy and frozen.   I had one stated by my son made notes on top of it, so I have to start again.
  4. Cook something low in fiber and take it to my sisterinlaw.   Low fiber was today’s medical call’s instruction.
  5.  Sit on the deck and do my daily paper’s sudoku – if it’s warm enough.   It was warm enough today.


Five things might be enough to do tomorrow.   I am already not playing solitaire and writing in my blue book.   I gave up on walking.  It’s just too much work.   It’s funny how old I’ve become.  Back in the old OD days I would walk 5.5 miles every day – loving every step and every view.   I would pray for my friends on the big down hill that goes past my sisterinlaw’s house.   Now if I walk past the mailbox to the first driveway to the abandoned neighbor’s farmstead, and back, that is all I can do.   I will be 74 on my next birthday.   That is pretty old but not extremely old.   It will be three years since I have quit going to work every day.   In that time I have gained an impossible amount of weight, and I’ve acquired some health problems.  I think they relate to one another.  If I were still walking five miles a day, I would not be so fat and I would have more stamina and health.  You would think I could pull myself together and make myself a better person, etc.   But I can’t seem to.   Food and eating have swollen me to absorb all the extra time I have.   I look forward to eating.   I don’t mind being fat and disabled.   I thought I would never get old.   I was wrong.


Sorry for the complaining.   I might get some of those five things done.  I might eat better or walk better.  It’s possible.  Every day is a new day.   Bless us for it.


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April 29, 2020

“I thought I would never get old.  I was wrong.”
Ouch.  I so understand this.

April 30, 2020

I resonate to that thought of never getting old.  I still can’t believe it has happened to me!