Why im hated.

shii here we go buh im hated cuh im diff frm others always bein quite  single asf want love but i love to hard  always hangin wit da wrong crowd

my bsf went wit the dude i liked  really messed up bein talked about behind ma back try to not  say nun act like i like ppl  knowin they dont like me i be nice asl to ppl  nd they be rude to me  they say i got bad skin make fun of me cs im fat. like wtf i do ima chill person ya heard me ion do shit wrong but i still get hate they say they like me but act like they dont know me arond other ppl like damn i be tryin hard asf and they still dont like me it feel the whole world hate me. get called names like ong  get blamed fa everything ion even try to be  cool tbh i was cool wit my bsf last year but it changed cs one person she liked my ex bsf. now its me lonely only single person in class.  its crazy  how im young nd im goin threw this  i feel like a dream i cant wake up from. like it feel like nobody even likes me no mo makes me wanna js die one day  and nobody even knows im gone  .  like bro im only 10 and im goin threw this i get help but they might change on me. i feel like i should leave everybody alone and be to my self .





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