1.3 mask-free and beachy

Went to the beach today.  It’s been over a year since I went to the beach.  stupid covid.  Beach was the same.  Cold, windy, and the fog was rolling in.  It was too windy to even fly a kite.  At least I got to try out my new rubber boots.  I bought them a couple of months ago for tide pooling.   They worked great.  But didn’t stay long on the beach — just too windy.  But my spouse had a schedule and he becomes peeved if the schedule isn’t met.  Get saltwater taffy.  Get smoked salmon.  Get halibut.  Eat Chinese food.  Go home.  I’ve decided my husband is slightly autistic and/or has OCD.  He’s annoying about stuff.  There’s nothing spontaneous about him.  Ever.  But the news about not having to wear masks made everything okay today.  This has been a hard year.

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