Anger management.2

Went to the dump the other day.  Lots of fun.  My husband managed to get into another confrontation at the dump.  We got a dump trailer last  year and have been using it regularly.  It’s been a huge timesaver and our yard always looks slightly cleaner.  I say slightly because I do not do pristine.  I keep things trimmed back now because of the dump trailer.  I now have a place to load all of the yard debris.  Anyway, went to the dump and my husband managed to get into an argument with the crew there.  We got in line and waited for someone to direct us.  But no one came and my husband took off to dump his trailer.  Got down to the dump site and some guy came up  to Bruce and the fireworks began.  So the guy yelled at Bruce for awhile, we finally dumped the trailer, and drove back up to go pay and we were stopped by the guy who was supposedly directing traffic and the argument became worse.  He got pretty angry, and was saying things like, “you can go somewhere else.  I’ve got your license.  We’ll make sure you aren’t allowed in again.”  So, we went to the pay station, my husband paid, got the supervisor’s number, we left and went to talk to the supervisor.  And my husband went to talk to the supervisor and I stayed in the truck.  I was pretty much done at that point.  It was a moronic argument at best and could have been resolved if both sides weren’t so similarly minded.  Both wanted to be right and both acted like little roosters.  It was kind of a he said/he said situation.  From my point of view, the guy in charge of directing traffic was MIA, and the guy at the other end of the yard was sticking up for him.  Seeing how triggered my husband can get, I’m reminded of the reasons he was required to attend anger management while he was still working.  He will never learn.  It’s the reason his son refuses to have anything to do with him.

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