Digital doctor 2.2

I have a sinus infection.  I hate my life.  But I did a video call with an urgent care doctor from the clinic I use, so that was good.  This was the first time I had used a video call for a doctor and it worked out so well.  I had wanted a video call with my own physician, but there weren’t any times available.  So I thought, well, how about a walk-in appointment.  But nothing until next week.  Sinus infections can’t be put on hold.  So third option – urgent care video call.  I made the appointment online and 45 minutes later, I was talking to the doctor.  I generally use my PC for most online business, but I downloaded an app for this call.  I have a webcam, but I’ve put off getting a new microphone/headset.  Other expenses keep popping up.  I have no idea what the expense will be for this visit, but honestly, it’s worth the expense because I was able to make the appointment and talk to a doctor in under an hour’s time.  Everyone knows how miserable it is to make an appointment to see a doctor and then wait up to 30 minutes past the scheduled appointment time just to be placed in a waiting room where you get to wait an additional 10-20 minutes.  Wish I could slap on some type of arm band, have it take my temp, blood pressure, take blood samples and have it electronically analyzed all from the comfort of my home.  The annual physical would become a no-hassle issue.

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4 weeks ago

Yes! yes!  A physical from home.  Great concept.  Who knows if that isn’t something that will happen sometime in the future.