Family reunion funeral 2.1

My husband’s aunt passed away.  I’ve got a cold or sinus infection – can’t tell at this point.  Anyway, I don’t feel like I should travel by air right now, so we’re going to miss the funeral.  Within the last year, my husband discovered family through DNA and has been in contact with a few of  his new family members.  Which is awesome.  Anyway, since we can’t travel right now, I’m sending flowers.  And what do you put on the card?  Deepest sympathy?  Sorry I wasn’t able to meet you, but we’ll meet in heaven?  And choosing flowers?  Well, since I didn’t know Bruce’s aunt, I didn’t know her favorite colors or flowers or if she even liked flowers.  So I opted for the safe alternative of white flowers, green leafy stuff.  Pretty but safe.  My husband wanted colors, so he chose pinks and yellows.  Not my choice.  He and I have different views on colors.  But it’s his aunt.  I wish I felt better to travel.  We plan on traveling there later in the year, so we’ll visit the grave then I suppose.  For some families, the only time they see one another is during a funeral.  A funeral is basically a family reunion.  I hope the flowers arrive on time.

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May 26, 2021

I am sorry about his aunt.  I know from having lost relatives that they will really appreciate the flowers.  When the funeral is a thing of the past, they should still have fresh flowers to enjoy.  Golly I just tried to send flowers for my daughter’s birthday.  $60 for some roses, daisies and greenery in a generic vase.  😎