fuck you ashley

My husband had to contact our local bank to see if it was open.  He needed to access our safety deposit box for personal records.  Anyway, the last time I went to the branch was several months ago and it was closed to the public.  You had to make an appointment.  And I wondered if it was still the same today.  It is.  You can’t just walk into the bank anymore.  You have to make a reservation.  Thank goodness it’s not an emergency.  Anyway, he makes the call, and gets the automated voice attempting to direct him.  Eventually, he gets a human – Ashley.  Perhaps the worlds worst customer service rep in the universe.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I’ve done customer service jobs in the past.  I know the right and wrong way to interact with a customer and Ashley needs a new profession.  She kept interrupting my husband, talking over him, and constantly stating “I just need to do my job….”  But she never did her job.  She had no patience for an old man and it really showed.  She was horrible.  So, just like the title says, that’s all I have to say to her.  She might have been having a bad day, but I got the impression that every day is a bad day for Ashley.  She wouldn’t know how to be nice even if someone paid her.  Wait, someone is paying her and she still is sassy piece of work.

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