Just a couple centimeters more

Yesterday we ran some errands and I wanted to get it done before it became too hot and too smoky.  I’m not going to complain about the smoke.  People have lost their homes and properties, some have even lost their lives, so I don’t feel like I should bellyache too much about the air quality.  Anyway, my husband wanted to pick up a new trap since gopherzilla ran off with his last one.  We ran into our neighbor and her grandson while we were looking at traps.  Which evolved into a discussion of the local gopher problem.  She was looking at traps with her grandson.  So, intrepid hunter that he is, my husband showed them the trap that gopherzilla ran off with and gave a step by step demonstration on how that particular trap worked.  And the trap went off as he was holding it next to his chest.  He has a black and blue thumb and a straight line cut just above his nipple.  I told him a couple of centimeters and he would have either lost a nipple or had a nipple piercing.  I swear, I can’t take him anywhere without some sort of issue.  Also, he picked up his dry cleaning and there was black stuff on the shirt, so he was having it re-cleaned.  I didn’t go into the cleaners with him so I can’t even imagine what kind of explosion occurred.  We also went out to eat yesterday.  Mostly because the mask mandate begins today and he wanted to go out before that happened.  Went to a new Chinese restaurant on the other side of town.  It was stuck in the back of a strip mall.  I think it might have been a bar at one time.  Anyway the food was good.  I’d go back.  When we were leaving we saw a car parked at the end of the strip mall, sort of like a dead end.  The doors were open and the car was stuffed to the max with someone’s personal belongings.  There were two people standing next to the car, mid-20’s maybe?  My first thought was at least they have their car.  But man, that’s got to be a hard way to live.   Maybe the stimulus package will help tenants.  I don’t know.  Supposedly that bill will give 25 billion for rent assistance and 5 billion for utilities.  Of course  those funds will be handled by each state differently, so who knows if there will be any true relief for people who need the help or not.  I’m concerned it won’t play out as planned and there will be a lot of homes being foreclosed in the not too distant future.  But hey, at least there will be a surplus in military funding with all of the troops being pulled from Afghanistan.  Maybe those funds can be used to help pay off that $1.9 trillion debt.  Or maybe those funds will be used to pay OPEC since the pipeline was shut down.  Everyone enjoying those higher gas prices?  And food prices?  I don’t have any answers to today’s issues.  Unfortunately, I was raised to either create a solution for a problem if I wanted to complain or shut up.  So I generally don’t complain too much about anything.  I don’t have answers, just concerns.

Just for the record, happy Friday the 13th to anyone who used to be superstitious enough to care.  Putting it into perspective, given all of the crappy things happening right now, I don’t think I’m too scared of another date on the calendar.



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August 13, 2021

Ouchie that must have hurt.  Good it wasn’t worse.  Hope Mr. Go-for gets caught without being an escape artist.  😎