Not forgiven

My 40 year old son hates his father.   He doesn’t want me to mention anything about his father in our conversations.  My son lives in another state and we converse solely using Messenger.  I wish my son would forgive his father.  I know that will never happen.  My son cut ties with his father about 3 years ago.  And before that, the relationship was very rocky for years.  The paths were chosen a long time ago and nothing I can do in the present will make anything change.  If I dwell on it for very long, well, I just don’t go there anymore.  I can’t change anyone.  If anyone should ask for forgiveness, it’s me.  I should ask to be forgiven for not taking the actions I should have taken years ago.  Over the years, I’ve tried to be a stronger individual.  At some mysterious point, I realized I can’t be a coward anymore.

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