Not going to take it

Got another message from MyChart telling me it’s time for a mammogram.  No, not going to do it.  No history of breast cancer in my family.  That doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen.  But I’m old and I will no longer subject myself to that torture device.  I’m done.  Like I’ve said a million times before if men had to have their testicles squashed between two metal plates, a different method of detecting abnormalities in tissue would be created immediately.  So a mammogram is a big no for me.  I don’t care.  I’m tired of medical facilities and insurance companies telling me what to do.  So people can squeal about an immunization, well, my big squeal is a mammogram.  I’ll just self-exam and call it good.  I personally think I’m past the age where staying alive is important.  If I have something of value to share with the world, it will happen.  Otherwise, I’m just along for the ride at this point.

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August 12, 2021

Hey, I am not really liking the way you are thinking. I respect you and respect your opinions and you have every right to decide for yourself what you want to and want not to do. But I don’t think that playing around and neglecting your health it good. (Okay that is rich coming from me) I have never had to go for a mammogram so I cannot say how it feels or give advice on getting over the discomfort but every year I go for a pap-smear and I dread it, it is so painful and uncomfortable and then I let my gynae feel up my boobs and has much as I don’t like any of that I do it because I like in a time where I can possibly prevent or be prepared for something serious. I think as a women you are lucky to be able to be prepared for such a deadly disease and you owe it to yourself to not go down that way.

in 1999 my mother got very sick and regularly, until she died in 2010 she had to have blood tests and blood thinners and and and and and…doctors always asked her to go for a biopsy but she refused to because her mother died of cancer and she was to too scared to find out she had cancer and then die from it too. So instead she struggled and lived through hospital and doctor visits every few months for 11 years. In August 2010 she finally agreed to have the biopsy and turns out she did have cancer but my father and aunt and doctors and my oldest sister kept it from her and me and my other sister. A month and a half later she died. Not just imagine is she had the biopsy years before we could have been better prepared and we could have fought it or I could have spent more time with her and really cherished the time I had. But instead I got married without her there and one day when I have a child she won’t be there and I regret that so much. So I think you should just be brave and keep going for your mammogram. Yes you may not have a history of cancer in your family but there is always a first. Stay Safe <3