not the review he was expecting

My husband met someone who had written a book.  This guy wanted my husband to read the book and write a review.  My husband said he would, brought the book home, and never read it.  He didn’t want to read the book and felt forced into agreeing to write a review.  He asked me to read the book.  I said I would eventually get around to reading it.  So I finally read the book.  It was depressing.  If I had to write a review, I’m sure it would not be what this guy was anticipating.  How to tell someone their writing was okay, but not great.  I wondered if he had someone edit his work.  If I had edited the book, I would have made him go back and elaborate in some areas.  I just felt like it was only half a story, and the half I read was depressing.  Worse, I think my husband will make a grand attempt to make me write his review.  He might regret it.

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June 11, 2021

If the book is bad, the book is bad. No two ways about it. :/

June 11, 2021

That is honest constructive feedback.  May do the writer some good.  However, he may resent your husband for the review.