please spare me…..

Today a friend of my husband’s stopped by for a visit and it’s kind of hard to not respond to some of his remarks.  However, I didn’t — too much.  I don’t care if  you get vaccinated or not.  I truly don’t.  And I don’t care what your reasons are one way or the other.  It’s much too tiresome.  But seriously, the dialogue I hear makes no sense to me.  The guy who doesn’t believe the media because it’s all lies, so he’s sure the hospitals are not telling the truth and there’s no one sick in the hospital with Covid right now.  But he won’t go to the hospital to check it out because he might get sick.  And he also says “I won’t let the government dictate whether I get vaccinated or not.  Heck, the vaccine isn’t even approved by the FDA.”

…..sooooo, the FDA is a federal government agency.   And you might get vaccinated once the vaccine is approved by them?  Because that means the government is telling you it’s okay now?  Which sort of means the government is telling you what to do?








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