Hanna, my new future

Monday Dec 22nd 2019

Good Evening,

It is now 34 Degrees and no percentage of any snow predicting for now. WE have too much snow on the ground as it is. I have a feeling snow will be on the ground for a while. I am talking over a few months. We had over a foot and half over a week ago. Or I should really say a few days after Thanksgiving, and I am ready to see the snow melting by now. OR I wish!!

Dakota (my BLACK LAB) is laying right next to me and she is so happy being at my boyfriend Boyd home as it’s a much bigger home, she has a big yard and she has made some friends with the roaming deer that come and go around here.

I should share more about Hanna.

Hanna is a town in Carbon County, Wyoming, United States. The population was 841 at the 2010 census. The town was started as a coal supply location for the Union Pacific Railroad. The population peaked at 2,288 in 1980 and has declined as local coal mines have ceased operation.

Good Morning its now Dec 23rd, 2019.

I  fell asleep writing this, so I went to bed and slept in this morning, as I was so tired from the last 4 days of just cleaning and rearranging this house from top to bottom.

So about Hanna, it’s a very small town and it was a mining town for many years, “Coal is King,” proclaims a yearly celebration in Hanna, Wyo. It was the number one Mine production back in its inception in 1890 until the closing of its Hanna mines in 1954, the Union Pacific Coal Company opened six mines, some mere prospect holes, others long-lived collieries.”

There was 2 described the impact of the tragedies of June 30, 1903, and March 28, 1908.

June 30, 1903″169 coal miners killed in Hanna Mine No. 1 when coal gas ignites, causing the greatest loss of life in any mine disaster in Wyoming.”

 March 28, 1908
“Miners in Hanna are trapped by a coal mine explosion, and rescuers who enter the mine shortly afterward are killed in a second blast. Death toll is 59, and many of the bodies remain underground.”
This is 2 of the biggest history of this town.
“Then in February of 1954 Union Pacific Coal Company’s Hanna mines closed. Diesel was replacing coal as the railroad’s primary fuel. “
There are very few buildings that is still here from the mining days.
The museum building began life as a saloon in 1894, was remodeled as a community hall in 1930, and now houses artifacts from the Carbon and Hanna Basins. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Nearby is a restored Union Pacific Coal Company house dating from 1890.
Things may change. As of late 2013, Medicine Bow Fuel and Power’s gasification plant in the Carbon Basin to the southeast remained a proposal. The Wyoming School Facilities Commission had broken ground on a new elementary school, projected to cost $7 million. Inexpensive properties and the great outdoors continued to draw retirees and sportsmen. Perhaps Hanna is, as locals have long said, “the town that wouldn’t die.”
In 2013, Hanna is a bedroom community, where housing is cheap, but the commute may be long. Rawlins, the closest town of any size, is 43 miles west. Most businesses, notably gas stations and grocery stores, have closed.

So one day my boyfriend Boyd  living in Thermopolis, (back in May 2019) was searching a place to live , he was looking south of Wyoming close to Colorado as he has a daughter living in Leadville, Colorado as he travels every 4 weeks for 4 days to be with his daughter as he can take his work any where as long there is internet, so he was looking up about his favorite train info about BIG BOY 4014, so he found out that BIg Boy 4014 would be going thru Hanna,”Big Boy Union Pacific 4014 is a steam locomotive owned and operated by the Union Pacific Railroad. It is a four-cylinder simple articulated 4-8-8-4 Big Boy-type Built in 1941 by the American Locomotive Company of Schenectady, New York, No. 4014 is the only operating Big Boy of the eight that remain in existence,”  He drove here with over 500 people at the train tracks waiting for BIG BOY to come thru Hanna. Hanna brought him by just luck, he was at the tracks waiting for Big Boy to pass thru Hanna, he met some interesting people about properties, an older folks over heard him talking about Real Estate info and told him that they have a home for sale they love to show him, so they knew the Big Boy was delayed 2 hours so they went to the house and once Boyd walked into this house, he immediately fell love with the house. The house was the home of a 96 year old lady name June and she wanted her home for sale for $50,000 and she wanted the family who buy the home to take everything that came with the house, BOYD was excited, he got their numbers and with in less than 2 months he was the HOME OWNER of June’s home. But here is the back story of the house and US!

The way Boyd and I met is on a dating website, we began talking early in May,  we corresponded for 6 weeks and got to know a little about each other, I knew he was looking for a home south of Wyoming, but he never said the name of the town until July 1st, as he was protecting of where he was moving too, You can’t trust every one from Dating website, so we eventually told of where we live, as I shared I live in Casper, and he finally told me of Hanna, LOW BEHOLD, I have been driving to Hanna taking my client who I work for as a caretaker, Justin who has a brain injury from a car accident 10 years ago from a drinking and driving accident he was in, so he has family mostly his grandparents living in Hanna, and June is Grandma’s best friend. SO once I heard of the name of June, I was Shocked of the small world info he gave me and I told him I have been to the home of June’s, for a short time, as his grandma lives one block from June house. So Boyd invited me to his new home after my trip to Texas back in July 23rd, I flew into Denver from Texas and drove up to Hanna from Denver and met him at June house, as I trusted I knew the people in Hanna enough if things didn’t connect between Boyd and I.
WOW We had a great connection from that day on, So today is our 5 months anniversary. We will be going to Leadville, Co to spend the day with his daughter for Christmas and come back home late that night, it is a 3 hour drive each way, I am looking forwards to seeing and meeting his daughter for the first time. I do hope it will be a nice day as the weather looks good for the drive to go and enjoy a Christmas day with his daughter.

SO I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful MERRY CHRISTMAS with your family. I know I will have a good day, I do miss my family, we all spent it with my family for Thanksgiving.


Merry Christmas to you all!!



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December 23, 2019

lovely story! Found you on the front page. Merry Christmas to you!

December 23, 2019

@snarkle Thank you, I am new to OD again, I used to write here many years ago, so I am trying this again. Merry Christmas.

December 23, 2019

wow! what an adventure! hanna sounds fascinating

December 23, 2019

@defenestration Thank You, Its been a great adventure for sure and many more to come too. Merry Christmas!😀

Hi there. If you think Wyoming gets a lot of snow come to Canada. ^^ (lol joke!) Happy Christmas!

December 23, 2019

@sweetlittleappletun I believe you that y’all get more snow, we have already broken the mosts snow and it was not even winter yet when we had the snow storms. My father used to live 10 miles from the Canadian border in North Dakota and snow was bad when he was a child. We are lucky we can get around now a days. Thanks for your request. I miss OD!! 😀

@wyocowgirl18 You should see us in Jan + Feb LOL

December 23, 2019

That’s a very good story about the house and how you guys met. Also, very interesting info about Hanna. I came to read because I live in northern Colorado and was curious.