Good Evening Every one, 

WOW its almost New Years! Bring it on 2020. I remember being in Grade school wondering (most likely in 3rd Grade) what I where I would be in 2020. I can remember thinking about it but I don’t remember what I wanted to be. BUT for sure I have found my best friend, Soul Mate, my life time lover. It’s been a 15 years of struggles but I am finally where I want to be for now, BUT I will be more patience as I did for 15 years. Time will tell…RIGHT?? 

Well I made 2 banana bread and I am very disappointed the stove seems to needs to be calibrated. I had the right temperature and had the correct timing in there and it was not finished. SO Boyd has to figure out the oven. He hopes it does not need a new stove. ITs one of those that on the side of my kitchen and I don’t have to bend down to get it out of the oven. I love it. BUT was so sad my banana bread didn’t come out the way I had hoped it would. 

SO another sad thing is that I have to go back home to Casper tomorrow as there is another storm predicting for New Years Eve and I have to be home by Wednesday as my grandkids start back to school on Thursday. 😒

So I spent the day getting more things organized for Boyd and getting my laundry done and pack. I am not happy having to go home as I had hoped to spend the New Years Eve to celebrate together. BUT I guess we will have to just be on the phone talking once the 2020 rolls in. 

I am not too looking forwards to January too much, as I have to make several calls to Dr’s and schedule for my Foot surgery. I have to get the nerve fixed right above my arch and my ligaments. I had fell back in May when I was playing with my Dog and she literally tripped me in my hallway next too my kitchen at my apts. I had a really bad 3 strikes starting in May. 1st was my dog Dakota being attacked by my granddaughter new dog Gisselle, She bit thru Dakota’s paws and I had to keep it clean and bandage and we almost had to have surgery on it but she did well letting me care for her. 2) Once she was feeling better we were playing and she tripped me and I hurt my foot. 3) I was in the hospital for 5 dayswith Cellulitis MRSA. That was the worse I have ever experienced. Never want to have that again. 

SO any ways, Boyd has been enjoying my cooking as well, I made some pork Enchiladas and some good breakfast, so now I will be going home for a while and I know he will miss my cooking as he told me he will. 

WELL I hope all of you have a safe and Great NEW YEARS EVE.
Dakota is begging me to play with her now, its a routine to play with her around 630 every night, its a routine right after we eat, she is well fed and she needs my attention. 

Happy NEW YEARS to all of you!! 



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We have an oven that will cook perfectly, and then automatically switch to broil and ruin everything. Like OMG. Really? LOL