I had a major extraction yesterday at the dentist and I am in SO SO Much pain right now that I can’t even move my head looking left or right. I had a tooth that had a gold cap on it and the tooth was so badly decayed. I remember very clearly that when they put the Gold cap on I was 15 years old and they also had to do a root canal. I will never forget that.
BUT I was in shock when they told me that I had a small (big piece to me) of a metal file in the tooth where I had the root canal done and the gold cap over it. That explains to all the years of pain I had especially the last couple of years. SO I am in so much pain today and I have a huge lump on my face from all the digging they had to do as it was so badly decayed it was not easy for the dentist to just pull it out, it was digging and pulling and then they had to cut the gum and stitch it up too. I was bleeding for 4 hours and went to bed with a ICE pack and woke up with pain all night. SO I hope to get some naps along the day today.

I still had to get up and go get my grand kids up and get them to school this morning and I felt so weak on top of that too.

SO I will sit here all day and DO NOTHING!!

Have a great day



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3 weeks ago

ouch!!! i hope it heals quickly

3 weeks ago

Sorry that it is hurting you so much, but I hope it fixes the problem you were having for good!

3 weeks ago

Oh my goodness! That sounds awful! I hope you find some relief soon!

3 weeks ago

Damn… My first thought is that I’d want to know who the *#&$ dentist was that left the piece of metal file in there  >:(  And make him pay for the years of pain (they do say voodoo is real…).  But seriously, have you asked the dentist for maybe a narcotic painkiller? When I have my root canals (plural, as I’v’e had a couple, though I try not to make them a habit…), my dentist gives me T3, which makes me drowsy but helps A LOT. You shouldn’t have to suffer the aftermath of the procedure like that!

2 weeks ago

makes my toes curl reading it. I hope it eases quickly!