update on the Ouchie

This is the WORSE Abscess I have ever had in my life time, I have had 7 extractions and this last one went to far, I rather have birth than having this tooth pain. I was down sick the last 5 days and I went to the DR on Friday and got a shot of Antibiotics and slept all weekend until Sunday my gums were throbbing in so much pain, I tried calling the Dentist yesterday and they said they would call me if they had an opening. NOTHING all day but my pain got worse during the day. AT 8 PM last night I was pacing my house and debating if I should get on the plane as I am suppose to be on the plane as of NOW  ( 8:38 am United Airline flight ) going to Denver for my cochlear implant Dr as I have also a infection going on at the Magnet area where I have the  cochlear implant at. SO my whole right side of my face is swollen a little. SO I had to reschedule my plane and my DR appointment. SO this morning I went to the Dentist at 8 am sharp and told them I was not leaving until they check my gums and tell me I am not having an infection. I do have an abscess, and I do not want a bone infection, so they gave me a numbing shot and packed it. SO I had to tell my Dr in Denver I will call them tomorrow on the update of my abscess as I have to go back and have them repack it tomorrow morning.  My bone was being exposed and every time I was breathing I felt it. AGAIN I rather have a baby than having this TOOTHACHE!!!

I am having my whole mouth implanted next month. I want to be able to smile again and not be embarrassed of my cracks in my front teeth and I have had history of decays due to many years of using Inhalers from my Asthma. SO I am looking forwards to seeing myself SMILING again. Especially when everyone wants me to be in the pictures or even when I am doing selfies. LAUGHING!! 

I have a lot going on this month, one is in regards to my cochlear implants, I hope I can stabilize my magnet area and get it cleared up and not have to have it taken out to clear up the infection. 

Then on January 28th I will be having foot surgery to correct my foot as I still have no feelings in my left foot from when I fell and I torn the ligaments (Extensor Digitorum Longus Tendon)  and now I also torn the nerves right at the top of my arch. When I walk I have to watch when I step down cuz I can’t feel if I am touching the ground. SO that needs to be done asap! 

I will start on my Dental Implants next month. 

Last Friday was my boys Birthdays, they turned 20 and 25 years old, I can remember when they were born, my youngest was born on his brother’s birthday and that was the best birthday present he ever got. They are very close and they live together in Austin and work 2 jobs to keep up making car payments and just growing up.
I really miss them but I am so proud of them, I miss the noise around the house and the loud music and all the games they used to play all day and night. SO my life is being Thankful for raising my kids the best way I could. 

Well I need to go lay down, relax. I will read y’alls entries too.
Have a blessed great day folks. 

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2 weeks ago

You do have a lot going on! Good luck with all the procedures, I hope they all turn out perfect 🙂

2 weeks ago

woof. that is SO much. take care!