Forever Yours Unknown

In the background, you wait for the clarity of your thoughts. You cannot decide whether to take a stand or be left behind. The shadows of your past linger in the forgotten part of your mind and for some reason are pushed to the surface at the wrong times. To promise something so significant to what the future holds while dragging their being behind you like the blanket you slept with when you couldn’t sleep without it, and then to retract the promise they dreamed about for years, is the murder of their soul. The feeling of a soul being ripped out of the insides of the person who thought the world of you is the worse you could condemn someone to. Not even hell can produce the pain that represents what has happened. And what exactly happened? Did you forget they couldn’t stand without you? Did you think about who they would become when you inflicted the horrific damage to their mind? What about the lives you created together? The thought of them growing up in a broken family never crossed your mind, did it? I hope she was worth the years of torture you have set in motion for our future. I hope she made you happy when your family is looking forward to unhappiness. And just when things start to crumble around the people you once called forever yours, the unknown will tear you apart.

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