Insane Jumbo

NOW PLEASE MAKE MY DAY AND CALL ME AN IDIOT ONE MORE TIME!! U deserve every inchworm that crawls into the places you only wished were filled with the rainbow clouds of large poles or holes… what was it that you said. The feeling gives you a brighter vision of what u want to be and reach out for when the stupidness of the sun falls in the toilet. Just when you couldn’t get the words out the handle disappears and now, you’re stuck with the thing floating in the water that escaped all the darkness that reflected the personality you possessed. The smile effect that purchasing a video of naked donkeys could stretch from here, all the way to where you wish you were. The tunnel never ends but just gives you an illusion of what you want with the silhouette of what you needed lingering behind you as you bury it under the scum on the bottom of the new clothes you just bought. The bacteria are invisible to you, but everyone who knows the truth knows you didn’t wash your hands or brush your teeth. The hat hides the fact the shower was too much work for you. The garbage you pretended to throw in the dumpster left the evidence of immaturity and high school student nature that seems fitting when others join in. The fact that everyone came to the rescue and carried the baby out of the firing range back into the safe building you called your home shows that the naked donkeys you purchased looked like you.

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June 2, 2022

That was fucking awesome just had to say it

June 2, 2022

@lostself thank you!