Mumbles of a Broken Heart

Some people need to think about the damaging effects of specific changes in a child’s life. Children strive with stability and love, not someone who is just using them to prove a point. When it’s over, it’s over!!! BUT NOW ITS TIME TO GROW UP! It’s not about the selfish ways or how many kills you can get in call of duty. They come first to everything. If you really cherished that belief, it would shine through your decisions from this step forward. Don’t let your ego get in the way of the healthy development of the beautiful children you create… Don’t kill the twinkle in their eyes. Don’t think that when you achieve a victory, it means you win. The game is not about you!! And no amount of money that you throw at issues would ever prove the love but shows the opposite. It shows that the system was built for people that have no hearts and souls but huge balls of coal behind the brown eyes of shit streaming down your face and out your mouth. And stop thinking that every emotion comes out because of you. Those memories are irrelevant and the dreams you have will never amount to nothing more than the lonely road of a drunken monkey feeling the asshole moves he made were exactly what they were foretold to be. The biggest mistake of your life comes from the brokenness that your children will feel as they mature and realize that the one who was there will always be there. The one that endured all the tears, obstacles of mazes, and hoops to jump through after gasoline was poured all over it with the fire consuming every inch… will always be there. And when u see the light and realize the life u wasted on the advice of some good company for the moment will be the feeling that was dished out through the actions you can’t erase. Those actions will come out at night like a shadow formed when the light hits it just right, but then you realize that the light you saw followed you into the darkness of your fucked up mind and the meaningless existence that you will become. The feelings of loneliness, hopelessness, hunger, and the will to sit down to do nothing but party in the memories you could have made. Dream about the house you could have lived in. The car that makes you drool will drive by and a pinch of jealousness will flicker your whole body like tiny bugs crawling inside your skin. That spider will never leave your shoulder because of the fear you held over the heads of people that could have the world brought to you without doubt or questions asked. The level achieved by the ones around will always rise above the ocean that you swim in or the faires you fly alongside. The fantasy of becoming a witch by reading books bought from the store you always wanted to go to, but never purchase anything. The turnaround, the hate, the meaning of rolling a window up the one face you will never forget, the ignorance, and the silence will pile the coal to look like the black sand you viewed while the seals were tricking off the wall of metal that cannot be cut with just any tool. The sharp ones are never easy to find, and just when you thought that the learning experience might have just paid off, the homewrecker of blondness comes through like the tornado of broken promises, except for the only thing that suffered was the lives of everything you held dear at the moment until you realize, “Oh wait, there’s more.” Your growth will begin, but instead of a blossoming effect of flashing lights or maybe a promotion at work, you will look up from the bottom of the pit you dug so deep to get into when you heard it will turn the build-up of coal into gold. When the rock bottom wasn’t so pleasing, and the future looked lightyears away, the hope you had will come out of your bleeding fingertips as you try to claw your way back to the surface of reality. Dreams are made in heaven; what you looked for in life was hiding the devil in disguise.

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