Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here to write anything.  it seems my interest in this online diary over the years has diminished but every now and then I get bored enough I’ll come check it out.  I had planned on coming on here to write an entry on my recent love life and its many ups and downs, more downs than ups…  But after reading through some of my notes left on past entries, which I have deleted a few I feel inspired to write about something else.

It seems that in today’s day and age, people have lost all sense of what a back bone is.  I mean it’s pure 100%, unadulterated cowardice.  People are so quick to bitch out somebody online where they know you will never find them and they know they can easily say what they want and get away with it.  It’s grown to be even more pathetic, now people leave comments, try, key word, "try", to insult you or break you down in attempt to make themselves feel better or seem smarter, and then after all their bullshit is said they can’t even have the balls enough to leave a name…  It’s fuckin pathetic, and I mean pathetic isn’t even a strong enough word for it, its pussy.  I HATE people with no spine.  look this is a free country, but my take on things, don’t say shit you can’t back up, don’t start shit you can’t and won’t even try to finish, don’t talk shit online knowing you wouldn’t do the same in person….  Grow some damn balls, and if you’re gonna start something be ready to defend your bullshit otherwise keep the shit to yourselves.  See here I am saying all this to the vast public of pussies and you know who I am, You see my face, my age, where I’m from, and I know for a fact if I had the chance to meet you I’d still say what’s needed to be said, but most of the rest of you, I don’t think you would. 

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July 27, 2009

Well somebody is angry.