Great Rule!

Secondary defenders must establish position outside the area between the backboard and the front of the rim to draw a charge call.

Yes, you read that correctly. Last week, the NCAA was going to create a rule that forced referees to determine some sort of imaginary restricted area instead of just painting a semicircle like the NBA. (Why? Because that would take a few years, and they wanted to rush ahead with a rule change now, thanks very much.) That sounded bad enough. Now we know exactly what those referees will be asked to do, and somehow, it’s even worse.

Think about it. Block-charge is already nearly impossible to call. Referees, despite our throaty protestations to the contrary, usually do a good job calling it. But now the NCAA is asking them not only to decide correctly between blocks and charges, but also the NCAA wants referees to take into account where the player’s feet are — because that’s how you establish position — in relation to the area between the backboard and the front of the rim. Little, normal-human-sized refs now have to see a 6-foot-8 player’s feet, the basket and, oh yeah, whether or not the offensive player was under control, or initiated the contact, or any of the hundreds of other little nuances that make calling blocks and charges incredibly difficult in the first place.

Tremendous rule change! This season is going to be awesome.




I don’t see why so many people hate this rule change, I think it is great, it"ll finally give freedom to players to actually drive the lane without fear of being called for some BS charge call. 

This should make basketball a lot more fun for the players and fans.  No more pansy ball! 

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