Self Exploration

After many conversations with a few very close friends and family, I have realized certain things about myself.  Not just because they see it but also because with their help I see it too.  I realize that I am a person in need of confidence and a sense of urgency in life to better myself as a person, and specifically need to do so for me, not anybody else.  I say it that way because I’ve always been a person that did things to better myself for other peoples happiness, usually a female.  The thing is, I see that I need more confidence, I know that I need motivation to push myself further into the concept of bettering myself, what I don’t see if why I need to do so for myself, or why I need to love myself nor do I even understand how to do so.  I guess the idea of doing things for myself and loving myself as a person has always seemed selfish and maybe conceded even, but maybe I’m not looking at the concept deep enough.  Any insight?

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