Ladle refining furnace refining conditions

  1. Boiler de-dusting

Due to the development of modern industry in the 21st century, new requirements for the quality of steel have been put forward, so that almost all converters and electric arc furnaces are equipped with ladle refining furnaces. During the steel refining process, slag and alloys are added according to the process requirements, and physical changes and chemical reactions occur, resulting in a large amount of smoke and dust, which pollute the working environment and pose a biological hazard.


  1. Flue gas properties

Flue gas temperature is an important data for the design of refining furnace exhaust purification, especially when the purification equipment using bag filter, due to the filter cloth temperature resistance conditions, into the bag filter flue gas temperature should not be too high, is generally mixed with cold air to cool.

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November 25, 2021