A note to myself…

After getting flu for a week i almost thought it was covid, I started to feel empty. I thought it was anxiety. I can’t really pinpoint the feeling but it initially felt like for example i’m watching youtube… nothing seems to interest me. It’s like nothing was going to happen next in my life. But the feeling is just minor, i can tell cause i’ve been to really deep depression before.

One reminder to myself is… one of the lights broke in my room so i’ve been using dim lights for a week i guess… after i replaced the broken lights i kinda felt better. I think this happened before… i felt gloomy but after getting a better light it switched my mood. So this will serve as a reminder to myself.

This is actually my 1st post. By the way I’m gay at 39yo though i still look around late 20’s.

I will start journaling to cope with my anxieties in life…

Have a goodnight everyone!!!!! ^_^


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October 1, 2021

i hope you get through your anxieties 😀

October 1, 2021

@j2011 hi thanks! i was actually contemplating… would anybody even read my post? i’m happy to read a comment just now! ^_^ as for my anxiety, i make sure i don’t starve and sleep earlier than my old habbit… also i always play this sleep music i downloaded online it helps me get full sleep at night… so far i don’t feel that feeling of lost that i did about a week ago. I really hate that feeling, the emptiness, hopelessness, it’s close to being dead. But again i’m fine now and trying to find a meaning or purpose…

October 2, 2021

@zerdgel thats good i hope you do may God bless 😉