Happiness in the Sadness

Tonight was Mom’s birthday so we went to Hooters. I know, I know. Why would anyone want to go to Hooters? Well, in the early and late 90s, Mom was in a Nascar themed bowling league and a lot of the weekends were spent at Hooters watching said races.  So my brothers and I ended up going with her. She was more of a single mother my whole life, even if she spent 11 years married to an asshole. But I digress.

Tonight’s excursion was especially exciting for me because I got to see my old neighbors. I haven’t let it be a secret that I haven’t done well with their move emotionally. I’ve taken it much harder than I thought I would. Tonight was just… it cemented home how much I really do miss them. Thankfully, Jim’s wife was there, too, and she gave me a big hug, and promised me that they’d get the house finished and everything as fast as they can. I  have little to no hope for that.

I really didn’t wanna go home. I was having a great time, and of course, I was filling the ex-neighbors in on all of  his bird’s antics.  (We’ve been bird-sitting for Scuttlebutt since they moved).  But here I am, home. And about to go to bed. I’m exhausted.

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July 11, 2018

too bad you and your wife can’t go to Hooters more often, like maybe a date night every week or month or something?

July 13, 2018

@jaythesmartone  I am not married….haha.