30 Day Writing Challenge

Day 10 – a letter to someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like

Dear Lee-Anne, 

How are you and your hubs. I don’t talk with you much.. not like in the old days… I should write you…  Idk why the fsck I don’t. I think it’s bc I am a lazy arse. Bees always chats with you… but she is a social butterfly and I’m more … well, I keep to myself. Not a wallflower but y’know,… 

I want to stay in touch more, miss you old college bud. 


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4 weeks ago

It’s really cool to be reading  about the people you have had in your life….I wonder if it’s possible to find them all?

@jaythesmartone I have Lee on FB so it`s just a matter of me typing away. LOL!