30 Day Writing Challenge

Day 13 – a letter to someone you wish you could forgive

Dear Alissa,

I want to forgive you for so much. You were my childhood BFF. We were like sisters, well, we were sisters — foster care placed us with Eleanor sadly. You put me a lot through hell’s half acres, lying to me constantly, that acting gig was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I didn’t forgive you  until you sadly passed away at age 29. I miss you but I have found new friends/sisters who don’t lie to me or do deceitful stuff.

RIP Alissa Grace Kerry Cuthbert. <3 you.

Love always,


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3 weeks ago

Again I say how do you do it so short and concise.  I know exactly what she was like in so few words.  That’s a compliment not being critical.  I’m one of your cyber sisters.  Thanks for the shout out for my birthday.  Sugar Plum came in my room at exactly midnight to wish me a happy b-day.  Take care and have a good NYE.  Enjoy all the goodies you’ll have to eat tonight.  💗🍓🍰😎