Back in the day…

Jimmy Eat World was the best. I had the biggest crush on Jim Adkins… (the cute guy in the brown short sleeved shirt) Still do. I am completely hopeless in that regard. Crushing on good looking celebs. LOL!!! Yupp.

I am just digesting my supper of tuna melt sub, fries and gravy and a Diet Pepsi. Anyways, how are we all tonight? I am super good. I think I have my period… which is just fabulous. /sarcasm

My sister Bees is here with me.. giving me her secret Scorpio smile. 🙂 If you know a Scorp you know exactly what I mean by that.



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October 3, 2020

Tried to look up how a Scorpio smiles but couldn’t find anyone…..maybe take a picture next time so I will be educated? Is it any different then a Leo smile?

@jaythesmartone A Leo smiles at you broadly face on with their full face. But, a Scorpio will stare at you sideways with a slight “Mona Lisa” type smile on their lips. 🙂

October 3, 2020

Sounds good.  question this group a Canadian based?  I haven’t heard of them before but then again there are many even from the US I haven’t heard of either.

I just had a roast and vegetables that I had in the slow cooker.  The potatoes needed more time but I can cook them again later.

The morning was quite busy and the early afternoon was  the cooking and htat finished around 6.  while all that was going on I watched TV and fell asleep.  Just listening to Youtube ambient music from Hogwarts.   I may write some letters and do some financial work.

Tomorrow will be regular house cleaning and laundry.  The Inspection is on Monday and the titans will have to be put in their crates-again.  Man I really hate that.  They will be pissed at me that day.  I was hoping I wouldn’t have to put them in the crates again until we move.


@katep JEW is an alt-rock band from I think Mesa AZ. 🙂 You listen to music from Hogwarts? 😛 LOL!!! Your poor kitties~~!!

December 17, 2020

Jimmy Eat World was a good band.