Bored schitt (pronounced sh-t)-less…

If you know your shows then you will get the reference non? Schitt$ Creek? That show is addictive. It’s shot in Goodwood aka the Middle of Nowhere, Ontario Canada. 😀 😀 😀

I watched a really kinky horror movie called The Dinner Party. F-cking A. Get Tubi, search for it, and enjoy! I want to watch it again, it rocks my socks. Like ✭✭✭✭✭. 🙂 

I am just sitting around doing jack all… P just asked me if I order from Avon, and I said no… I am going to order some clothes from Old Navy or whatever… Joe Fresh… that sort of thing. Heather wants me to be presentable. Actually the only thing I ordered from Avon was a CSI game that Bees had her eye on. 🙂

Speaking of Bees, she is doing fine as is Julz. Dave is here. Maybe I will get my computer soon? The reason why there is a delay is bc of a new local case of COVID… so that is why…. WHY THE F-CK ARE PPL SO STUPID?!

I am hungry. We are having quiche Lorraine, and Florentine tonight, with Greek salad. Sounds delish! 😀


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January 7, 2021

I tried watching Schitts Creek and I didn’t like it. It couldn’t hold my attention. I believe I saw Dinner Party awhile ago and it was good. 

@mamaqueenie518 Dinner Party is really good eh?

January 7, 2021

That shits creek I think is the dumbest show ever, both hubby and his brother like that show.

January 7, 2021

Dinner does sound yummy

January 7, 2021

Hello fellow trouble,

If you’re Peppermint Patty can I be the little red haired girl? 😃

January 7, 2021

I’ve been wanting to watch Schitt’s Creek…heard it’s amazing! And now I’ll definitely have to look for Dinner Party…lol. Kinky and horror….right up my alley!

@submissive_angel you are going to love that movie and Schitt’$ creek is good.

January 8, 2021

Schitt’s Creek is amazing. I love David. <3 I’m on season 3.

January 8, 2021

never heard of that show.. might want to check it out

@kaliko funny stuff. 😄

January 8, 2021

I saw bits of the show the other night. It seemed ok. I do have an “ew, David” shirt only bc our friend Dave is always making gross comments. Lol