Good morning y’all!

So, I just woke up maybe an hour ago… my sleep cycle is shit. Um, and I’m just sitting here… listening to Celine Dion… and drinking left over juice. I think that I might hit the hay for a while more… as the sleep weasels are getting at me again… 

Sometime in the new year, I want to get a tattoo. But not now…

I want this one.

31 Best Sagittarius Tattoos - SloDive | Sagittarius tattoo, Sagittarius  tattoo designs, Symbolic tattoos 

Only a bit smaller… I would get it on my wrist like shown. It’s my sun sign and my ascendant. I am a Cancer with a Sagittarius ascendant and moon.. an oxymoron if I ever saw one LOL!!!

Right now, no.. bc of COVID, but surely in the future.



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2 weeks ago

I like that tattoo! I think the size is perfect though. 

2 weeks ago

@mamaqueenie518 Oh yeah? 🙂

2 weeks ago

Maybe you can get it in blue?

2 weeks ago

@jaythesmartone Nah, black is better…

2 weeks ago

I love the picture! I love the font.

2 weeks ago

@anonypus 🙂