Hashtag ‘Weird Weather’…

Maybe it’s me and my peri-menopausal state of being, but holy shit is it ever hot in my bedroom.


Some music for your morning.. I have been up since 4a…

I was so tired yesterday that I didn’t sim. I have nothing going today, so, I will sim today. 

A funny video…

I personally love Jamie. But Uncle Roger has some valid points about making egg fried rice.


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September 13, 2020

I love the moody blues…..

@jaythesmartone Yesh. Nights in White Satin is one of the best.

September 13, 2020

Ugh, perimenopause was hell on me.

@socialdistancing I hate it. Wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

September 13, 2020

Uncle Roger was so funny. Glad he called out Jamie. I don’t own a wok, but it’s on my wish list.

@kotila gotta cook rice in a wok lol

December 17, 2020

Hope you had a good day.