It snowed!

So, my pretties, how’s life? I am up super early.. once again… I was just skimming over the entertainment section of the homepage. I use the Edge browser, mainly bc a) it’s there and b) It can read the text to me, which is nice.

It’s all prettyful outside. The snow is dusted on the tree branches and even on the ground… course the snowplows have come making a loud racket… as they usually do. I think that was what woke me up.

Today next week, the CHO program is implemented. We are having a virtual dance party. 🙂 I think I told y’all that eh? 

I will buy my gifts as soon as possible. No one likes rushing about like chickens with their heads chopped off even though it isn’t that bad with the damn Covid. 🙁 I hate last minute shopping, it gets me going… one time b4 Covid, I bought presents on CHRISTMAS FUCKING EVE. Not going there. Nope!

I see ppl like Kat @kaliko who has done up her house very nicely, do you decorate your homes? We do. I shall show pix when we do up our house.

I am craving a calzone in the worst way… maybe I can order one… a bit later.


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November 23, 2020

We haven’t had snow yet and may not have this year. When I worked for a public school system snow had a huge impact on my life. Now that I’m retired I can just enjoy it! And yes, I do decorate but I have greatly simplified over the years: a small Santa collection, a North Pole Village of 27 buildings, an artificial tree, and white icicle lights in my windows and hanging from my porch. I decorate after Thanksgiving and will post a picture or two for you.

@chalandra Good! It’s great to decorate… makes you feel good.

November 23, 2020

I don’t do the decoration manly because my son isn’t here anymore and my mother in law died and hubby is an atheist. But we do have turkey. And because I don’t have decorations there is no mess to clean up after. I call this getting old….

@jaythesmartone Ha! Turkey is good. 🙂

November 23, 2020

so cute I love cats I had   for  about 15  years  but  had to  put her  down as  she  got  sick  stopped eating


@ihavenoarms Aww.. sorry to hear that Todd. 🙁

December 17, 2020

Can’t wait to see the pictures of how you decorated your house.