It’s not rocket science!

What is this I speak of? IDK… I just put that as a title…. I have the Big Bang Theory running in my mind and Sheldon. <3 that guy. πŸ˜€ I guess that’s why? He isn’t a rocket scientist I know but still… you know?

I dance like a cockatiel. I bob up and down LOL.. at least I don’t dance like Rick Astley. Cripes. That man can NOT dance. I want something fizzy like a diet cola to drink. I was watching Anne with an E, earlier b4 lunch. It is a good show. πŸ™‚Β 

I think my tooth is loose, like half is broken, and the rest is like, IDK hanging on for dear life? It hurts but the dentist isn’t open. I am going to tell Wendy and she what she thinks. πŸ™

I am going to go use the loo and perhaps clean up my room?



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1 week ago

I would be making an appointment to see the dentist because you need your teeth to bite the cute ones…..

1 week ago

Ouch hope your tooth gets pulled quickly! My youngest is just like those guys on Big Bang but he is good looking and not as weird