Jump! The big band way…

Apparently there is a big band recording of a Van Halen song… I am v. amused. I’ve never heard of that shit in my entire life. It is too funny. Not only ha ha funny but weird funny. twirls index finger in circles around left ear Mostly the last way…. 

This Wednesday, Heather will zoom me. She needs to do something with my finances.. I think Dave is going to get me a bank card. And stupid me, didn’t realize that they had Amazon on their damn tab, WHICH IS A FUCKING FIRE FROM AMAZOM?! I surprise myself with my stupidity sometimes, so I ordered the gifts and cancelled the other ones… so, but they (Bees and Julz) are getting the same thing and I’m getting my Switch also but I ordered them on my tablet.

I need sleep. Bon nuit!



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December 12, 2020

Pretty tree! How is Zoom better then Facebook Mess or are they about the time?

@mermycohea Mermy, it’s gov business.. so Zoom, I reckon FB mess is too… oh what’s that word…? Informal? Yeah. And thank you. <3

December 12, 2020

I love stylistic covers of rock anthems. There’s this guy “Richard Cheese” who does cheesy lounge versions of rap songs.

December 13, 2020

nice Christmas decor


December 17, 2020

I hope you were able to get everything with the bank card situation worked out.