Let’s spell it out… F-U-C-K-I-N-G – I-D-I-O-T-S!!!

My neighbors are having a house party. Complete with rowdiness, (*ahem* Ever hear of COVID-19?!) most likely beer drinking and def pot smoking. I can smell it a mile away… guess who’s either going to church/synagogue hungover/stoned or not at all tomorrow?! NO ONE. Jeez.  I gotta drink more water… I think I’ll drink one more bottle of it and hit the hay… 

Tomorrow is the 13th. A month and a day later, will be my nephew Mathew’s birthday… Oct 14th. But the kicker is, I have no fucking clue where the hell he is at bc my niece said that he went MIA and he isn’t on FB anymore…. so, he could be dead for all I know. I know for a fact that his no good mother is for sure. Stupid fucking drunkard drug addict. Just like mama.. my fucking foster mother who thankfully kicked the bucket. I raised Matty from birth til age 13 when CAS took him. (Canadian version of Child Services) so… you betcha kitten britches I am worried about him~!!

Anyways, had another Pepsi One… I really like that stuff. 

Those arses across the street better fuck off.

I wanna sleep.



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2 weeks ago

call the cops if they are getting high if you want to break up the party lol

2 weeks ago

@kaliko I think someone did break it up bc all is silent now….

2 weeks ago

I get so angry with those who don’t care about the safety of others when it comes to COVID.  So angry!

2 weeks ago

@wildrose_2 ikr? 😦😲

2 weeks ago

Do you have fines for people not following the protocols?  We have a $6000.00 fine for those who are not.  And the police will give them.  Next time call the cops and then that will learn them.  But maybe the cops did come because someone else called them?

2 weeks ago

@jaythesmartone They quieted down after I went to bed.