Mad weather trends..

The last day of summer felt like fall, and now the first day of fall will feel like summer! WTF?

Last night we were discussing Bees’ birthday… we were throwing around different ideas. Swiss Chalet? Wendy’s? The local Chinese place??? Should we include Cyn? (Cynthia is Bee’s roomie) That was a yes. I asked Bees who will turn 42 on November 20th what she wanted for a present. I am going to buy her something on Amazon.

Just listening to …

I love that song, but maybe not the movie… well, the guy in the video is pretty spankworthy. LOL!!

Gotta get the Beesmeister (lol!) up… otherwise she might miss breakfast.

I have sleep in my eyes, and it is making my eye water…




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September 22, 2020

The ideas for Bee’s birthday sounds like a really good plan…Maybe you can go to all the places for Breakfast, lunch and dinner then all her favorites can get eaten?

September 23, 2020

Happy Early Birthday to Bees!  Ah to be 42 years old again. The best is yet to come for her.

December 17, 2020

I miss summer weather.