Oh boy….

So, I am in my room… on Jayson. (I changed the name of my computer after a guy I used to know in hs… he was from Newfoundland…) and I had to reset the bastard, bc he was acting wonky… But it wasn’t all a loss. 🙂 I got more space besides my external HD…. so, yeah. I have some Sims pix .. I was playing the Picaso family, whose adult members (there are six counting the adults) are in the military. I gave the female Jessica a makeover but left the male with the crew cut… as I think it suits him. They had male twins Daniel and Michael, and Jess just had twins – fraternal twins Walter and Anne. I will upload the pix tomorrow. I’m exhausted….

I am now just drinking yet more H20 and thinking of gaming… I have Pokemon Shield and Let’s Go Eevee, Does anyone know how to evolve the eevee that rides atop your char’s noggin?? I have no clue sadly… also I want a Gengar so, as soon as Julz gets in gear and I catch a Haunter the better…bc basically right now, Julie is the only one I can trade right now.

Oy do I ever have diarrhea of the mouth today… going to bed in a short while.

Sammy xoxo


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November 15, 2020

cool you name your computers!


@kaliko Yupp. 😀

@jaythesmartone No… it’s Lets Go Eevee. I don’t plsy PoGo.. anf I  haven’t bothered to get the in game Eevee (which I should hehe)

November 15, 2020


@cherrywine_1 Night. Or morning.. lol

November 16, 2020

Naming computers makes sense to me.  We spend so much time with them.
My last computer was named Goat, not as in Greatest of All Time, which it absolutely wasn’t, but as in Fainting Goat, because it seemed to always go comatose when stressed.

@cobalt LOL!!!! 😀 I call Jayson “you little piece of shit” at times. 😛

December 17, 2020

Hope you were able to figure out how to evolve the Evee.