Short Story #1

Premise: Your friend can’t wait to introduce you to her new beau. She’s been talking about him nonstop and you’re actually a little nervous to meet him. When he walks through the door your jaw drops. You would know that face anywhere.

“OMG!” squealed Emma into the phone making my left ear slightly deaf. I wince and blow out breath. “Emma! Please, instead of deafening your bestie, bring ….” “GAVIN!” Emma practically bullhorned his name into my head. I nod. “Gavin. Bring him over so I can meet him, ok??” 

So that Thursday, she did just that. I was getting lunch ready for the 3 of us; tuna wraps and gherkins, potato salad and some home made chocolate chip cookies from my Gran.

“Knock knock! It’s Emma and Gavin.” I go to open the door but Emma has already come in, probably with the spare key under the welcome mat. I look at Emma’s new beau and I nearly stopped breathing. It was Gavin Forsythe, the geek in junior high! Only, this Gavin is now sans glasses, sans pimples and sans anything bad that he was back in jh. He was tall, a bit gangly, but without his geeky glasses, his azure blue eyes sparkles. Emma smiled. “And you said he was a loser.”

The End

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December 22, 2020

cute story…thank you for sharing.

December 22, 2020

I guess that is what people see when they go to their class reunions.  😎